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Mi yet mi no inap. I heard this in church last week. I, myself, cannot. I can’t.

This Christian life is best lived knowing we can’t – can’t make ourselves holy, can’t make ourselves just, righteous, pure i go i go i go….. (et cetera). We are a people in need! Thus the gospel message is good, refreshing, life giving news! Christ came into the world to save sinners who could not save themselves.

Peter, the apostle and our brother in the faith, has been on my mind for a few weeks now. I like how the Bible gives us glimpses into his life story because he is  like us. Without Christ, we are a hopeless mess.

So Sunday at our fellowship across the footpath, when the pastor said he was speaking about Jesus walking on the water and Peter’s bungled attempt to do the same, I opened my Bible with anticipation.

We read the story in Matthew 14; Jesus ‘brukim olgeta rules belong physics’ as he walked on the water. We marveled at our rule breaker God who acts as if creation is at his beck and call. It is.

Then Peter began his own tentative walk on the water; in the midst of the buffeting winds and scary waves, fear took over and he began to fall. Oh, how I identify! But on his way down into the crashing waves, He knew who to call for help. Peter instinctively cried, ‘Lord, helpim mi!’

Here Pastor J reminded us that right there in the Bible passage it says, ‘Immediately, Jesus caught him.’ That is hariap kwiktaim, no wait time!

I love that! I want to be caught fast by Jesus. When I am down from sorrow or my heart pounds like a trip hammer for fear or I’m just plain too tired, weak and hopeless or frustrated, angry, upset i go i go i go……..He is near to catch me. ‘Underneath are the everlasting arms’, say the scriptures. Those arms are my safe place.

Yumi dependim on Jesus was the last point of the Sunday message. Yes, all of us who live and breathe, we fail again and fall another time – limitless times. Like Peter, we cry, Lord, helpim mi and He never disappoints; He is near, close, present and will swoop us up as we tumble trembling down.

Those in the boat said to Jesus after he caught Peter and calmed the winds, ‘Truly, you are the son of God.’ We too are daily being rescued by the risen, victorious, powerful son of God.

Mi yet mi no inap. It is true that we can’t but – oh glorious truth- He can!