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And just like that (snap fingers) I’m a serious saver. I put my leftover morning coffee in the fridge for later. And instead of wasting data by viewing news online, my breakfast newspaper (the Australian Daily Telegraph) came wrapped around the meat I bought at the butchery yesterday; it’s from last year, but still interesting. Both the small and the significant parts of everyday life here are savored.

Coffee, food and news are on the insignificant list, at least compared to time with people. Few and far between are the days I have spent with my friend Kelly. About 15 years ago we lived across the hall from each other and ever since across the world. Kelly was my daughter Olivia’s mentor and Olivia babysat her girls. I know we have this little of window of time to remember and catch up. I’m not hurrying through these days.

Kelly’s daughter, Sabra, once said, as we were eating pizza in the bush and wishing it had pepperoni on it, ‘Don’t wish, ENJOY.’ Enjoy and savor the moment; live each day as if you have it only once because that is the reality.

IMG_2617Across the road I have new friends with whom we worship on Sundays. We sit outside in rows of chairs, ‘One, Two…..Sing!’ our way through naispela songs and open the Bible together. We communicate in English and Pidgin or Pinglish as my friend Anna likes to say. We don’t rush through the service; we linger after church. We talk, hug, laugh and learn more about each other each week. We take time.

Being here in this land where the sun shines hot and bright and every breath of wind is appreciated reminds me of all that is important. My soul is refreshed and I think I will purpose to live an island style life in the middle of Maine when I get home. Waste not. Take time. Savor each day.

Dispela de God I bin wokim; yumi amamas na litimapim nem bilong em. This is the day which the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.