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Years ago we sat under the shade of wide sweeping trees in Papua New Guinea worshiping God in a mixture of English and Melanesian Pidgin. ‘Yumi (you and me) sing now’, said the leader and later, ’Yumi share nau.’ It was lovely singing to God with his dear people in His lovely creation.

Sometimes there was Sunday school and the children learned Bible stories. One Sunday morning, seven of the children filed in and stood in front of the gathering ready to show us what they had learned. They had been studying the days of creation and so each child took a day and told what God had created on that day.

‘Long de namba wan’, said the first,’God I bin mekim kamap lait.’ And so it went on through the days of creation. De namba tu, tri, poa, paip, and sikis …….

1535402_10151813458127541_1111963590_n(1)So now it was time for the 7th day. Our little 6 year old Olivia stood next to her best friend, Rejoice. She spoke loud and clear. ‘Long de namba seven’, she said with a pure PNG accent, ‘God I bin rrrrrest.’ -that last with a pronounced trill. The people smiled and chuckled along with us as our seemingly out of place blonde little one fit in.

I have been thinking about this. God, having finished the work of creation, rested-not because he was tired but because he was done. He spoke Creation into being and he holds it together by the word of his power, the strength of his might. He’s not struggling to do so and He’ll never weaken or fail or change. As powerful as he was at creation, he is now. In the vernacular of today, He’s got this. Totally and completely and without question. Period.

In that I rest. And smile. And exhale a sigh of relief and trust.

This morning as I ran in the cold bright sunshine and gloried in the beautiful creation, I laughed with the joy of it all. The loveliness of the day surrounded me and I thought of God holding the world (and me) together. The memory of that Sunday long ago was fresh in my mind; I could hear our sweet little girl speaking those words of truth.

‘Long de namba seven, God I bin rrrrrest!’